Keep it Casual

I am so obsessed with one of my recent looks because it is so true to who I am. Recently, I went to a birthday party and planning this outfit, I was planning on wearing heels, because it was going to be a semi-fancy event. However, when it came down to the night, as I was getting ready I realized that my outfit was super cute and fit for this occasion, but I wasn’t going to be comfortable at all 2 hours into the night. I was wearing a Victoria’s Secret night gown tucked into Georgio Armani Slacks with Stuart Weitzman Goosebump Suede Sandals, which is a great, very well put together outfit, but not a good one for the club. So I took off my sandals, and stuck on my Adidas Superstars (mine are a little different than the classic white ones because I customized them so that the gold on the tongue would just be matte black instead). I love this outfit so much because it is classy, sexy, but not so try-hard and I was way more comfortable than most of the people there (except the guys because they don’t have this problem lol). Check out my outfit below !! xo

Top: Victoria’s Secret Nightgown (tucked in to look like a top)

Pants: Georgio Armani Slacks

Shoes: Adidas Customized Superstars (the same as normal ones but without gold on the tongue)

Bag: Micro Sac De Jour — Saint Laurent

Earrings: Argento Vivo “C” Gothic Hoops

Bracelet: My little sister made it for me ahahahahah<3

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